Upcoming Convention Appearances

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

I'll be at:

- FanExpo Canada in Toronto, this weekend, August 27-29 at Artists Alley table A80 (CORNER TABLE!). I'll have the brand spanking new Project Basement ashcans, as well as copies of the first ever digital Super Haters Special Edition (which should be a pretty cool little package for only $3!), as well as copies of the Time Log one-shot, Zombie Palin ashcans, and ashcans of the first two Super Haters collections. And Justique will be there too!

- Pittsburgh's Small Press Festival on the city's North Side at AIR on September 25-26. I helped organize the comics end of this show, so I'm proud to set up and sell my stuff surrounded by comics friends and (hopefully soon-to-be-made) zine and small press lit friends.

- PIX: The Pittsburgh Indie Comics Expo in the Strip on October 16-17, a show that's a joint effort between the awesome Copacetic Comics Company and the Toonseum.

- I will soon lock down my plans for Mid-Ohio-Con in early November. While my attendance could change, chances are I'll be at the show.

- Not comics (but still an event), I'll be at Pittsburgh Podcamp on September 18-19, sharing about social media and hopefully learning a few new tricks for the AudioShocker.

- In the far-flung future, I'll be at SPACE in 2011. Don't let weddings, funerals, births, or serious accidents stop you from being there -- MARK YOUR MUTHER!@#$ING CALENDARS RIGHT NOW.