Transformers: Beast Wars Annual 2022

I'm writing a story for IDW's Beast Wars Annual, out this April. My rad collaborator on this 10-page tale is Andrea Bell. I can't wait for you to see her amazing vision for it! Here's the Previews code to order our comic at your shop: FEB220440.

Beast Wars Annual 2022 solicit

Beast Wars Annual 2022 cover by Ryan Miller

KUTE Crew: Fathoms of Comics

Dive into the aquatic adventures of the Koala Underwater Tactical Elite!

click here for KUTE Crew episode 58

UPDATED: Tuesday, January 25, 2022

KUTE Crew episodes on Webtoon
- Episode 1: "Ready For Action"
- Episode 2: "Take A Dip"
- Episode 3: "Hop To It"
- Episode 4: "It's Too Bad"
- Episode 5: "Talk To Me"
- Episode 6: "The Big One"
- Episode 7: "Try To Win"
- Episode 8: "Too Much Power"
- Episode 9: "Get It Back"
- Episode 10: "Quite Vexing"
- Episode 11: "Intense Guy"
- Episode 12: "Mess Duty"
- Episode 13: "Stay Strong"
- Episode 14: "Don't Move"
- Episode 15: "Can't Stop"
- Episode 16: "Please Work"
- Episode 17: "Reach Out"
- Episode 18: "Too Late"
- Episode 19: "Please Respond"
- Episode 20: "Down Here"
- Episode 21: "Not One Bit"
- Episode 22: "Chow Down"
- Episode 23: "Frigid Depths"
- Episode 24: "Disparate Molecules"
- Episode 25: "Hard Drive"
- Episode 26: "Be The First"
- Episode 27: "Unified Goal"
- Episode 28: "Stay Vigilant"
- Episode 29: "Leaf Lickers"
- Episode 30: "New Rules"
- Episode 31: "Heavy Damage"
- Episode 32: "Under Attack"
- Episode 33: "The Reason"
- Episode 34: "Every Turn"
- Episode 35: "Super Close"
- Episode 36: "Ask Away"
- Episode 37: "Not Today"
- Episode 38: "No Leader"
- Episode 39: "Awfully Murky"
- Episode 40: "Rapidly Rising"
- Episode 41: "Stay Back"
- Episode 42: "KAWAII Crew"
- Episode 43: "Let's Tussle"
- Episode 44: "Catch Up"
- Episode 45: "Sacred Locale"
- Episode 46: "Our Ocean"
- Episode 47: "Our Star"
- Episode 48: "Our Home"
- Episode 49: "Kill You"
- Episode 50: "One Of You"
- Episode 51: "What's Next"
- Episode 52: "Still Operational"
- Episode 53: "My Fave"
- Episode 54: "Slick Thinkin'"
- Episode 55: "Very Important"
- Episode 56: "Check This"
- Episode 57: "Supremely Strange" NEW

KUTE Crew chapters on Gumroad
- Chapter 1: "A Risky Refuge"
- Chapter 2: "A Vast Visitor"
- Chapter 3: "A Cruel Cavern"
- Chapter 4: "A Mind Unmined"
- Chapter 5: "A Crew Askew"
- Chapter 6: "A Trail Unveiled"
- Chapter 7: "A Troop Regrouped"
- Chapter 8: "A Deep Creep"

Profiles, Panels, and Podcasts
- Astral Jane, the sorcerer
- Miss Elle, the ghost
- ADORBS Academy, the school
- Short Fuse, the loose cannon
- Behind the Panels: Bada Boom
- Behind the Panels: All Data
- Making KUTE: Podcast Ep. 8
- Motor Boater, the engineer
- Making KUTE: Podcast Ep. 9
- The Squids in the Squad
- Cell Mate Pinup by Loch Ness
- Smooth Moves Pinup by Loch Ness
- Future Concepts by Nils-Petter Norlin
- High Concepts by Nils-Petter Norlin

KUTE Crew on Gumroad
KUTE Crew created by Nils-Petter Norlin (art) and Nick Marino (words)

The History of Gargantos in Video Games

It's no secret that Gargantos broke the internet when the trailer for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness finally dropped.

Gargantos in Doctor Strange 2

Although he may not be a household name---even among comic book readers---Gargantos is beloved by a certain subset of Marvel fans: gamers.

Making his video game debut in 1995's Marvel Super Heroes, Capcom specifically requested to use the obscure monster in their now-classic fighting game. Despite Marvel's confusion and surprise, the publisher said yes and a legend was born.

Gargantos in Marvel Super Heroes (1995)

Interestingly, Gargantos's default color was set to pink, a programming glitch that remains mysteriously unexplained to this day. The monster would assume his standard green hue in Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, released two years later in 1997.

Gargantos lay dormant in his deadly Chaos Dimension until the release of the most infamous fighting game of all time, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, in 2000. The tentacled beast took gamers "for a ride" with his unforgettable moves and distinct fighting style.

Gargantos in Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (2000)

Although this would be enough to cement Gargantos in the annals of gaming history, he wasn't done yet. As MvC2 videos began to proliferate on the internet, Gargantos became an underground sensation due to his use in tournaments.

Dubbed "Gahgantos" in a now-deleted viral video, the magical lord of chaos was soon featured in memes all over the web by the late '00s. He became known for his crispy moves, which were described by gamers as "so pringles."

legendary Gargantos meme

There you have it, the strange and unexpected history of Gargantos in video games. From an obscure Marvel supervillain to a fighting game sensation, there's no doubt 2022 will be the year of Gargantos. But is the world truly ready to "embrace chaos"?

My Best SFX of 2021

Nick Marino: Art vs. Artist 2021

I've had a year full of koalas and undersea action in KUTE Crew along with my collaborator Nils-Petter Norlin. Here are my fave SFX from our Webtoon Canvas webcomic. Just click on the sound effect to read the episode that featured it!

KUTE Crew episode 18

KUTE Crew episode 18 (again)

KUTE Crew episode 23

KUTE Crew episode 25

KUTE Crew episode 43

KUTE Crew episode 34

KUTE Crew episode 40

KUTE Crew episode 50

KUTE Crew on Webtoon Canvas