I'm Nick Marino. I write comics.

Nick Marino writes comics

My latest comic book is the Transformers: Beast Wars Annual 2022. I wrote a 10-page tale called The Morphlings and it's in comic shops now. Up next from IDW, I'm writing Godzilla Rivals: Biollante vs. Destoroyah, which was announced at SDCC 2022.


My ongoing webcomic with artist Nils-Petter Norlin is called KUTE Crew and it's about some koalas underwater fighting squids. Before that I was a writer on The Evil Life, a webcomic with Nils about a scruffy squad of supervillains.

Nick Marino and Rosie Knight

I'm married to Rosie Knight, an incredible storyteller and journalist. We met in a comic shop, it was pretty rad. Rosie and I shared writing duties on Cougar and Cub, a 2017 miniseries we created with artist Daniel Arruda Massa. Before that, Daniel and I made a couple of outrageous comics called Holy F*ck and Holy F*cked.

Nick Marino at Phoenix Comicon 2016

Over the past decade, I've produced webcomics and minicomics including Stick Cats, Super Haters, Time Log, and Get Stuffed. Most of those stories are available for free here on my site as PDFs, along with many of my other comics and zines.

Nick Marino zines and minicomics

I live in San Pedro, California. Before that it was Long Beach and before that it Pittsburgh and before that it was a ton of other American cities. I've been around.

Nick Marino author

If you want to contact me, I need to ask... are you sure you've got the right Nick Marino? There are lots of us out there, you'd be surprised. I'm the author who makes comics. If that's the one you want, email me at nickmarino@gmail.com.

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