Godzilla Rivals: Round Two is in stores now, signings on the way

The latest Godzilla Rivals collection from IDW hits comic shops and bookstores this week. It's filled with four furiously fun and self-contained kaiju adventures, including Biollante Vs. Destoroyah by yours truly, Sean Dove, Andrew Misisco, and Nathan Widick.

Godzilla Rivals: Round Two by Nick Marino

I had the chance to swing by Forbidden Planet in London and sign a few copies of Godzilla Rivals: Round Two for their new releases wall. (Rosie also signed a copy of her new Screen Traveller's Guide from DK!)

Nick Marino signing in Forbidden Planet

My good friend James F. Wright and I will be signing Round Two together at Things from Another World at Universal CityWalk in Los Angeles on Saturday, November 11 starting at 4pm and going into the evening. UPDATE: Here are some pics from that great signing.

comic book writers Nick Marino and James F Wright

We also have another signing to announce early next year and we'll be bringing some friends along for that one, so stay tuned. It should be a lot of fun and something a little different from our usual Godzilla events.

Nick Marino with Godzilla Rivals: Round Two

Back to this weekend, I'm also meeting up with a bunch of comics people at Nostalgic Comic Shop on Sunday, November 12 to make original art to support the store. Speaking of that great store, I joined them back in the summer for an episode of the ComiCentric podcast to talk about the Jacket Avengers and some of my other comic book passions.

Godzilla Rivals: Round Two back cover

Finally, while I'm waiting to hear back from publishers about some rad pitches I have in the works, I'm helping out on an unannounced Godzilla project. The story and art are so terrific, and I can't wait for everyone to learn more about it. Until then, I hope you'll pick up the Godzilla Rivals: Round Two TPB and enjoy some unique visions of the Big G's world.

Godzilla Rivals: Round Two front cover