GET STUFFED starring Roxy Sevigny: Agent of C.L.A.W.

Jeffrey Brown a.k.a. Tsujigo and I began working on the world of Get Stuffed in early 2016. He wanted to draw a kickass special agent named Roxy Sevigny and I wanted to write about the one terrible (and amazing!) thing that nearly all American supermarkets and arcades have in common: cashing-slamming kid-scamming claw machines!

That led us to produce a pun-packed tale full of evil stuffed animals and high-flying thrills aboard a zeppelin inside of a zeppelin (seriously) floating over the world's fair. I printed up a short run of Get Stuffed minicomics for LA Comic Con 2016 and that was that...

...UNTIL NOW! Read our outrageous eight page adventure below or download a hi-res PDF. It's time to kick plush! Hope you enjoy it 😀