PIX Mini Recap Day 2

Sunday, October 9th, 2011

I skateboarded to the show this morning. It was both a good and bad idea... Good because the streets were practically empty and it felt great to be out in the cool-but-not-cold air. Bad because Pittsburgh roads are in awful condition. Even the quality of the blacktop sucks!

But I digress. Let's talk about the Pittsburgh Indy Comics Expo itself. It was a solid day. I'd say my sales were probably about the same as they were yesterday. Honestly, I don't keep super close track of my sales anymore. I don't sell enough to warrant thinking about it very much. I'm sure I made back my table, and probably a few bucks on top of that.

(Photo by Seth Fronzoli)

This was a small show, and that meant there were fantastic opportunities to make new friends and learn from professionals. For example, the one panel of the day was a great discussion about networking, building comics communities, reaching out to other creators, and finding a publisher.

The panelists were Bill Boichel, Jason Little, Tom Scioli, John Porcellino, Jim Rugg, and Ed Piskor. Even though I see most of them on a regular basis and we sometimes talk about this type of stuff, it was great to hear them address the topics head on.

Like yesterday, I gave away a ton of books. Friends, acquaintances, other creators... I'm sure I gave away more books than I ever have before at a show.

I couldn't even tell you what my top seller was today. It's a blur. However, I do remember selling two of my AudioShocker Comics Archives v1 digital comic cards, which warms my heart because that product is a true labor of love for me. I see a future in selling downloads and digital content, and this is my effort to push forward that vision.

I enjoyed this year's show more than 2010, and I'll definitely be back in 2012 (health and my location permitting, of course). You can check out more of my thoughts about PIX 2011 on Tuesday's AudioShocker Podcast and on the next episode of Sequential Underground (sometime on or after the 19th).

PIX Mini Recap Day 1

Saturday, October 8th, 2011

It was a slow day for sales (as in I didn't make a hundred dollars by noon), but I sold way more than I did last year on Saturday!

I enjoyed the crowd (for example, those two people above... who I don't even know them!). In particular, I talked to a lot of really interesting Carnegie Mellon students.

Also, I gave away a ton of books. I couldn't help myself! I've got all these new ones and I'm excited to get them out there. The top seller was Justique's Tales for a New Gen zine, and my top giveaway was Two Twisted Tales.

EDIT: Day 2 recap.

Getting Ready for PIX 2011

Friday, October 7th, 2011