Failure to Launch

Friday, September 24th, 2010


I'm petrified, terrified
At the thought you could verify
The secret I've striven to keep.

I've pushed it deep down
Where it couldn't be found
Till I wrestled it, lifeless, to sleep.

Personality, tame
But brash all the same
Gruff masquerading for raunch.

Katherine Heigl on trial
I'm suing for libel
If you discover my failure to launch.

Confused? Good. You should be. Find out more at Pittsburgh's Small Press Festival this Sat-Sun (25-26) from 12-5 PM.

Self-Publishing Comics 101 @ 2010 SPF

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

As I've said before, I'll be at Pittsburgh's Small Press Fest expo this weekend. It's from 12-5 on Saturday and Sunday at AIR on the Northside.

BUT... at 2 PM on Sunday, September 26th, there's something extra special going on: the Self-Publishing Comics 101 panel!!!

Along with myself, expect to see Shawn Atkins, Chris Maverick, and Nate McDonough, along with the possibility of some Ed Piskor and Copacetic Comics showing up too.

Expect to hear us talk about the creative process and how we get our stuff printed. If you're interested in making comics and self-publishing them, then make sure to show up and ask us lots of questions!!!

This Weekend: Podcamp, Next Weekend: SPF

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

Yeah, that's right. I'm busy.

- What you heard about VIP PodCamp Sponsor??? Hmmm... this is Podcamp PodCamp 5, yet the URL says 4. Oh well, whateves. All that VIP means is that I paid $25 bucks to get some schwag and get my name on the site. OH YEAH. Point is, I'll be at PodCamp this weekend sharing about the AudioShocker podcasts, learning some tricks, and networking.

- Annnndddd next weekend is Pittsburgh's Small Press Fest. I'll have awesome AudioShocker Comics like:
- - Time Log one-shot
- - Super Haters v1
- - Super Haters v2
- - Super Haters Special Edition (relatively NEW!)
- - Zombie Palin 3rd Edition (NEW!)

SPF is free to attend, so come stop by and check out all the awesome stuff that Pittsburgh indie comics and lit scene has to offer.