Catch me at PodCamp Pittsburgh 7

Friday, October 26th, 2012

This weekend I'll be at PodCamp Pittsburgh 7, a community un-conference focusing on podcasting and social media.

I'm presenting a session on Saturday called "I've Started a Podcast. Now What?" I'll be mixing my personal podcasting philosophy (podcast vérité!) with my advice for podcasters looking to create a super-strong foundation for their show.

I'll be using the 4 C's -- consistency, community, concept, and character -- as a jumping off point and building from there.

Last year, I presented the Podcasting 201 session, which went great. I plan to make this year's session even better. Hope to see you at the event!

Catch me at Podcamp Pittsburgh 6!

Friday, September 16th, 2011

I'll be at Pittsburgh's premier podcasting and social media un-conference on Saturday, September 17th at 2 PM leading the Podcasting 201 session.

Along with my friend and fellow Pittsburgh podcaster, Dan Greenwald, I'll be covering some intermediate-level type stuff, from audience building to audio editing and more.

In fact, my plan is to open things up early on and answer questions from the attendees about the sort of things they want to know. So show up with your questions and get ready for a knowledge-packed 45 minutes!

This Weekend: Podcamp, Next Weekend: SPF

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

Yeah, that's right. I'm busy.

- What you heard about VIP PodCamp Sponsor??? Hmmm... this is Podcamp PodCamp 5, yet the URL says 4. Oh well, whateves. All that VIP means is that I paid $25 bucks to get some schwag and get my name on the site. OH YEAH. Point is, I'll be at PodCamp this weekend sharing about the AudioShocker podcasts, learning some tricks, and networking.

- Annnndddd next weekend is Pittsburgh's Small Press Fest. I'll have awesome AudioShocker Comics like:
- - Time Log one-shot
- - Super Haters v1
- - Super Haters v2
- - Super Haters Special Edition (relatively NEW!)
- - Zombie Palin 3rd Edition (NEW!)

SPF is free to attend, so come stop by and check out all the awesome stuff that Pittsburgh indie comics and lit scene has to offer.