Pics from my Godzilla vs. Music Box signing

Tuesday, June 18th, 2024

Nick Marino at Godzilla vs. Music Box

Rosie Knight at Godzilla vs. Music Box

It was an honor to be a guest at Godzilla vs. Music Box, a film festival that was a massive gathering of fantastic G-Fans in the Windy City. I flew out to Chicago with the legend Rosie Knight, where we met up with the amazing Oliver Ono and his super cool partner, Chadwick.

Godzilla vs. Music Box

Nick Marino and Oliver Ono at Godzilla vs. Music Box

We were thrilled to share previews of Godzilla: Monster Island Summer Camp with filmgoers and exhibit our other comics and zines. We also held a zine making workshop for families, which went super well. Big thanks to Katie, Kyle, Kiyan, and the rest of the Music Box staff, who were all terrific.

Oliver Ono, Rosie Knight, and Nick Marino at Godzilla vs. Music Box

I also got to meet up with my Transformers: Beast Wars collaborator, Andy Bell, and my Godzilla Rivals collaborator, Sean Dove. I've been working with a lot of Chicagoans lately! It was wonderful to see them both and talk shop.

Andy Bell and Nick Marino at Godzilla vs. Music Box

My Transformers Tale "The Morphlings" Is In Comic Shops Now

Wednesday, April 20th, 2022

Heh heh, true. You know what? That gives me an idea. Did I ever tell you guys about... The Morphlings

I wrote a Beast Machines campfire story for the Transformers: Beast Wars 2022 Annual, in comic book stores on April 20, 2022 from IDW Publishing. Sitting with me underneath the night sky are Andrea Bell (art), Jake M Wood (letters), and Jazmine Joyner (edits).

Here's a little preview of the weird world you'll visit in The Morphlings...

It was on a planet much like Cybertron but desolate and cloaked in perpetual night. Heck, maybe it was Cybertron. I can't say for sure.
Their master? Megasavage. Think Megatron, just bigger, badder, and bleaker.
Driven underground by Megasavage, they called themselves The Defiance.

I hope you dig what you see! I'm a huge Beast Machines fan, so I was stoked to bring a bit of that flavor to the IDW comics.

And... the first review of the Beast Wars 2022 Annual is already in, thanks to Megan Peters at!
A slew of unsung characters from the franchise makes their way to the top in this delicious entry to delight fans.

Transformers: Beast Wars Annual 2022

Monday, January 24th, 2022

UPDATED WITH A SNEAK PEEK FROM HASBRO PULSE! In their April 12, 2022 Fan First Tuesday video, Hasbro revealed a first look at Andy Bell's art for our Transformers tale. It's a spoopy Beast Machines inspired campfire story called The Morphlings.
The Morphlings from Beast Wars Annual 2022

I'm writing a story for IDW's Beast Wars Annual, out this April. My rad collaborator on this 10-page tale is Andrea Bell. I can't wait for you to see her amazing vision for it! Here's the Previews code to order our comic at your shop: FEB220440.

Beast Wars Annual 2022 solicit

Beast Wars Annual 2022 cover by Ryan Miller