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IDW Panel at WonderCon 2023, New Godzilla Cover, and Upcoming Signings

Monday, March 27th, 2023

I was a panelist on "IDW in Depth: Mind-Blowing Concepts, Characters, and Comics" and had a fantastic time at WonderCon in Anaheim last weekend.

WonderCon 2023

I was joined by some wonderful creators to share about our latest tales, getting into the nuts and bolts of making comics and telling fun stories.

IDW panel at WonderCon 2023

The audience was terrific and I was thrilled to talk about Godzilla Rivals: Biollante Vs. Destoroyah. I discussed the kickass kaiju at the core of our comic and dug into the setting of our story, Pittsburgh.

Godzilla Rivals: Biollante Vs. Destoroyah, WonderCon 2023

Over at, Gary Catig has a roundup of our panel, including a nice shot of our full lineup and a teaser of Sean Dove's inks that was shared by IDW.

IDW panel WonderCon 2023, photo by Gary Catig

Godzilla Rivals teaser, photo by Gary Catig

Also, a new cover for our Godzilla Rivals issue has been revealed! This incredible art is by longtime friend Camila Fortuna, who absolutely crushed this beastly battle.

Godzilla Rivals: Biollante Vs. Destoroyah cover RI by Camila Fortuna

As I write this, there's one week left to preorder Godzilla Rivals: Biollante Vs. Destoroyah. Let your comic shop know you want it because every single preorder counts!

Speaking of comic shops, I'm currently planning signings for May. On FCBD I'll be at Geoffrey's Comics in Torrance. On Godzilla Rivals release day (tentatively May 10th) I'll be at Nostalgic Comic Shop in San Gabriel. And the weekend following its release on May 27 I'll be at Pulp Fiction in Long Beach. I hope to see you at one (or all!) of those events.

Godzilla Rivals signing at Nostalgic Comic Shop

Covers for Godzilla Rivals: Biollante Vs. Destoroyah

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2023

The solicit for Godzilla Rivals: Biollante Vs. Destoroyah is live now and that means your first official look at the book is here. We've got a spectacular main cover by my collaborator Sean Dove and a gorgeous variant by Andrew MacLean. (A 1:10 incentive cover by my friend Camila Fortuna will be revealed soon has been revealed.)

Godzilla Rivals: Biollante Vs. Destoroyah cover A by Sean Dove

Godzilla Rivals: Biollante Vs. Destoroyah cover B by Andrew MacLean

Godzilla Rivals: Biollante Vs. Destoroyah cover RI by Camila Fortuna

Here's the full description...

(W) Nick Marino (A) Sean Dove

No need for gloom, just drink a BLOOME! There's an irresistible new beverage, Bio-II from BLOOME, that's taken the world by storm. The lives of two unlikely allies collide as they scramble to unlock the sinister secrets behind Bio-II and halt the rebirth of the strangest botanical beast the Earth has ever seen, the blossoming Biollante!

Dr. Meena Shyam is a disgraced kaiju researcher whose radical ideas saw her shunned by the scientific community. Needles is a slacker hacker who's just cracked the code behind BLOOME's proprietary recipe. Together, crisscrossing the moonlit hills and bridges of Pittsburgh, they race against the clock to stop Biollante's destruction as they call forth one of the deadliest kaiju of all time, the dastardly Destoroyah!

Published by IDW, our issue is expected to smash its way this May into stores everywhere. Godzilla Rivals: Biollante Vs. Destoroyah is available for preorder now at your comic shop through PRH (cover A, cover B, cover C) and Previews (cover A, cover B, cover C).

Godzilla Rivals: Biollante Vs. Destoroyah sneak peek

Tuesday, February 7th, 2023

My collaborator Sean Dove has been teasing our upcoming comic on his Insta and Twitter as he knocks out more fantastic pages. Here's a sneak peek at his progress...

Godzilla Rivals: Biollante Vs. Destoroyah drops this spring from IDW and it'll be up for preorder soon it's available for preorder now. You can see more process art in my Godzilla WIP Insta highlight.