The Evil Life: Growing Evil, Chapter 5

Let's catch up with our grumpy science-obsessed prince, shall we? When we first met Gloom he was arguing with his parents about his royal obligations to magic and world domination. Now, as we rejoin the regal researcher, he's had a chance to find his own identity outside the kingdom of Monakwa. But is he truly living his dream or swimming against the stream?

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Awww, poor prince. He's so not ready for the soul-crushing job hunt in Megaville! But I'm glad he stood up for himself, even if he was a spoiled brat while he was doing it.

Anyway, how @#$%ing cool is Nils-Petter Norlin's astral plane, amiright?!? I just absolutely love it. The crazy colors, the swirling objects, the distorted anatomy... it's so rad! I've been stoked to shared this chapter for so long because I couldn't wait for everyone to check out his brilliant vision of a magical family phone call.

I'm in Paris right now as I post this chapter, which isn't part of my normal routine. It's my first time here but I had to make sure that this chapter was posted when I promised you it would be there! C'est vrai!

Oh, one last thing... don't forget to check out the BUN&TEA Anthology on Kickstarter! My comic Lazer Bird is part of it and the campaign wraps up in a few days, so back it now if you wanna get on board.

Alright, that's it for now. Get ready to check up on Hester in two weeks when she tries to get to the bottom of her marmot mutation. See you then!

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The Evil Life: Growing Evil, Chapter 4

This time we're heading back to Megaville to catch up with Hester Herman, who we met in our very first chapter of The Evil Life! She's aged a bit since we last saw her, but Hester's love for protecting nature is just as strong as ever.

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Wow, I just feel like, I dunno, maybe I'm wrong about this but I think Hester might fail this class...? Something tells me she's getting an F on every assignment from here on out. Speaking of class, I gotta give a shoutout to my classy niece Claudine A.K.A. Dini who was one of my earliest test readers for The Evil Life and that's why I named Hester's friend in this chapter after her!

So maybe you've already seen this or maybe you haven't, but Nils and I recorded a podcast together last week; it's called Making Evil episode 1. We spoke about the process of putting together The Evil Life, which began eight years ago! We'll be recording a new episode every few chapters, so our next one should drop in September.

Speaking of podcasts, I also caught up with my old buds, the Evil Geeks, in a podcast interview that's out today. We spoke about The Evil Life, my upcoming Lazer Bird comic that's part of the BUN&TEA Anthology on Kickstarter, and tons more.

I'll see you in two weeks with another chapter of The Evil Life, when we'll revisit Prince Gloom to find out where his globe-hopping scientific research has taken him!

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Making Evil Podcast - Episode 1

Nils-Petter Norlin and Nick Marino (that's me!) talk about how they began developing The Evil Life webcomic eight years ago, looking back at the early years of their long (and largely secret) collaboration that's finally being seen by the world!

A MODOK sketch by Nils from Nick's old blog series, Project Basement.

Along with recounting the beginning of their storytelling partnership, Nils and Nick tease their upcoming underwater koala graphic novel by comparing the way that they make comics nowadays to the organic and unexpected way that The Evil Life was developed and written years ago.

A 2011 concept sketch of Prince Gloom's bedroom by Nils.

You can follow The Evil Life webcomic here on this site or over on Webtoon. We've released three chapters so far (1: Take Care, 2: Royal Grumble, and 3: The Curse) and our fourth chapter will be out next week.