The Evil Life: Growing Evil, Chapter 10

After the Megaville-centric events of our last chapter where Hester and Gloom got up close and personal with the city, let's check in on the far away farm where our alien crash-landed a while back.

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Is this our most depressing chapter yet? Hmm... yeah, IT IS our most depressing chapter yet! Blarf, as we now know him, is living a miserable bummer of a life and, according to this update from his holographic mom, the "destiny" awaiting him is dull as dirt. Just don't give up, Blarf! Destinies are for dorks and you can do better. Maybe.

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Next time we'll return our focus to Hester as she tries to put her disastrous encounter with M.I.D. Knight behind her and reconnect with the marmots. Bye!

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