The Evil Life: Growing Evil, Chapter 11

As we learned last time, things aren't going so well for Blarf on the farm... but maybe they're gonna be better for Hester once she gets back to her loving marmot family in the nature preserve? Let's find out!

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So apparently the answer to my question from the beginning of this post is NO, things are NOT getting better for our mutated student. What a bummer! No home, no crew, no family. Where's she gonna go now?!

Sadly, you'll have to wait until 2020 for that answer. Chapter 12 drops in a couple weeks, shortly followed by one more recap podcast, and then we'll be on a brief hiatus until January. But when the new year hits, you'll find out Hester's fate right away!

For our final chapter in the Growing Evil saga (a.k.a. our first volume / first season of The Evil Life), Nils and I will see what Gloom is up to in Megaville with his new job. That's on November 19th, so be back here then for another outrageous webcomic.

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