The Evil Life: Growing Evil, Chapter 9

Let's get right to it! We're picking up on the heels of our previous chapter, wherein Hester told the marmots that she has a plan to stop toxic waste from going into their habitat and Gloom has an interview for a soul-sucking office job.

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Well *ahem* that's, uhh, quite grim. Sorry! I wish we could give you a happier ending for this chapter, but it IS called "The Evil Life" so it's not always gonna be all puppies and kittens around here, knowhutimean?

Make sure you pop over and read Chapter 9 on Webtoon too because this particular installment has a few fun tweaks over there, including a couple of extra jokes I added just to fit that style of pacing. We also hit 1k reads on Webtoon since our last chapter, so thanks for following and hearting us!

After the bummer that is the end of this chapter, Nils and I are gonna keep the bad vibes rolling with our next webcomic as we rejoin our alien friend and find out what life is like down home on the farm. See ya soon!

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