Stick Cats theme song by Nik Furious

For Free Comic Book Day 2011, I put together a free Stick Cats maxi-comic AND I recorded this badass theme song!

If you're a regular Nik Furious follower (do those even exist?), then you already know that I've been slacking on putting together the final post for my Piece of Cake mixtape... and posting the Stick Cats theme song is no exception to that slackening. Point is, I'll get around to that post eventually.

Anyway, speaking of Stick Cats, I'll be posting a new strip tomorrow. See ya then!

EDIT 05/12/11: I forgot to post the lyrics! Here they are:

Stick Cats
They're running around and they're doing stick stuff.

They're the Stick Cats
They're kickin' some tail and they're looking real tough.

They're the Stick Cats
Their bodies are sticks but their heads are cats.

They're the Stick Cats
Don't make 'em mad cause they just might scratch.

Marmalade, she's a real tough kitty.
She's got a big sword and she'll cut you with it.

Steve, he does stuff too!
We're not sure what it is but it seems like it's cool...

Octo-Kitty is a scary beast.
The Stick Cats wanna kill it 'fore starts it's feast.

There's a tough fight with no end in sight,
But Steve and Marmalade are gonna do it right.

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