FCBD 2011, Fleeting Pages, Indie Book Event Voting, More

Oh man so much stuff going this weekend!!! Here we go:

FCBD 2011

- Tomorrow, I'll be at Phantom of the Attic Comics in Oakland (in Pittsburgh!) for Free Comic Book Day 2011. I'l be giving out FREE Stick Cats maxi-comics and the first lucky 45 peeps will also take home a copy of the brand new Stick Cats theme song by Nik Furious!!! And, of course, you can buy my comics from me as well.

- This weekend is also the opening of Fleeting Pages, a Pittsburgh indie book store experiment that's only minutes away from my front door. They'll be selling almost all of my self-published comics as well as my digital comic cards. Swing by to check out all the awesome small press and self-published works they have... and buy my books!

- Speaking of indie books, you may remember a video I posted a few weeks ago that I made to win a free table at this summer's Indie Book Event in NYC. Well voting is now open and I NEED YOUR VOTES! There's only two of us in running, so pls help snag the table -- VOTE NOW!

- Unrelated from all of this, my version of the cover to Aquaman #2 was recently featured on the Rejected by Covered blog. It's a pretty ugly drawing, so click through at your own risk.

- And, finally, Super Haters has received a couple of awesome reviews lately. If you're interested, you can read them here.

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