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Friday, May 6th, 2011

Oh man so much stuff going this weekend!!! Here we go:

FCBD 2011

- Tomorrow, I'll be at Phantom of the Attic Comics in Oakland (in Pittsburgh!) for Free Comic Book Day 2011. I'l be giving out FREE Stick Cats maxi-comics and the first lucky 45 peeps will also take home a copy of the brand new Stick Cats theme song by Nik Furious!!! And, of course, you can buy my comics from me as well.

- This weekend is also the opening of Fleeting Pages, a Pittsburgh indie book store experiment that's only minutes away from my front door. They'll be selling almost all of my self-published comics as well as my digital comic cards. Swing by to check out all the awesome small press and self-published works they have... and buy my books!

- Speaking of indie books, you may remember a video I posted a few weeks ago that I made to win a free table at this summer's Indie Book Event in NYC. Well voting is now open and I NEED YOUR VOTES! There's only two of us in running, so pls help snag the table -- VOTE NOW!

- Unrelated from all of this, my version of the cover to Aquaman #2 was recently featured on the Rejected by Covered blog. It's a pretty ugly drawing, so click through at your own risk.

- And, finally, Super Haters has received a couple of awesome reviews lately. If you're interested, you can read them here.

My entry to the 2011 Indie Book Event Contest

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

This was made to showcase my range of self-published titles for the Indie Book Event's contest... cause I wanna win a free table at their 2011 show in NYC!