The Evil Life: Finding Evil, Chapter 8

Our mad scientist cooked up a recipe for mind control and then he went mad with power, squandering his sudden success. Gloom's failure could largely be traced back to a single moment: when he fired Blarf from the manager's position at his restaurant.

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Looks like Hester gambled and lost with that one because Blarf is definitely intent on staying put at Knight Corp! Honestly, I can't blame him... he's used to being surrounded by people with little to no ethics, but he's not used to those people treating him decently in the process. I mean, the alien just wants to have a job and have some friends without getting hassled, yeesh!

Meanwhile, my quarantine continues. I recently passed Day 50, which was a somber reminder that this is some truly unprecedented stuff. I'm hoping it'll be safe to get back to some semblance of normalcy here in Cali before it hits Day 100.

But before then, we'll see how Hester's coping with Blarf's decision! Be back here in two weeks to find out. (And maybe we'll have a new podcast for you even sooner!)

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