The Evil Life: Finding Evil, Chapter 7

Gloom designed the perfect recipe to control the minds of Megaville and he even tricked some schmoes into giving him dough! So... what's he gonna do with it?

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Dang, this is a text book lesson in how NOT to run a business! Gloom, Gloom, Gloom... you're really letting us down with this one. GET IT TOGETHER, YOU VILLAIN!

Not too much to report over here. Still staying inside and working on comics. Oh, actually, speaking of which, I've got some comics for you: Holy F*ck and Cougar and Cub. Those are direct links to large PDFs (~150 MB each) that you can read while you're surviving the pandemic. Enjoy!

In a mere two weeks you'll find out the fate of Gloom's career as a restaurateur, not to mention the shocking career choice *plot twist* of another roommate!

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