The Evil Life: Finding Evil, Chapter 6

The crew is finally under the same roof and they (sorta) have an idea of what they can each bring to the table. And bring to the table is an apt phrase because our resident mad scientist has something he's incredibly excited to serve everyone!

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Well, well, well... look who's going into business! Seems like our sour science guy finally figured out how to make some real cash. It's gonna go great! Right? RIGHT?!??

The intense pandemic life continues here in Cali. Rosie and I started social distancing early, so aside from grocery shopping and occasional walks we've been in the house for nearly a month. We're keeping ourselves pretty entertained, but it's very weird.

From the sound of it, things are way more chill for Nils in Sweden. He's staying busy at work and at home, making sure his students are learning and his family is having fun. And, as always, making awesome art!

We'll return in two weeks with more of Gloom's tasty hijinks. Stay hungry!

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