The Evil Life: Growing Evil, Chapter 6

While our science-loving prince is preparing for a job hunt and our baby alien is streaking through space, Hester Herman is struggling with the changes she's experienced after getting bitten by a radioactive marmot. Let's check back in on Hester and see how that's going for her!

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I love the way Nils draws that radioactive marmot! It's so rad, with all of those cracks and crags. My nephew Teddy liked it too when he saw me working on this webcomic last week, so I read him Hester's chapters. And when it was time for bed later that night, he requested a "radioactive meep" bedtime story! The ultimate compliment.

That was in London, where we were visiting family for a couple of weeks. Rosie and I flew home to Cali one week ago, but then we got an email when we landed that our apartment was being fumigated! So it was a pretty unusual and unexpected time.

Fingers crossed that the next two weeks will be more chilled out! I'll see you back here in two weeks with a short but (bitter)sweet chapter about our baby alien buddy.

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