Holy F*cked #4 - 5 page preview

This is it. The end. The finale. The ultimate climactic battle. The big cheese. The loose moose on a platter of juicy goose. Our miniseries concludes with this dramatic parable of stellar proportions, available in Diamond's October 2015 Previews catalog:


from Action Lab: Danger Zone
by Nick Marino and Daniel Arruda Massa

BECAUSE YOU DEMANDED IT: a legendary Greek demigod battles a pissed off Argentinian nun! (Okay, maybe you didn't actually demand it...)

Maria fights her former lover as the fate of Jesus hangs in the balance. Can she dispatch Herc as easily as his daddy, Zeus?

Plus... what surprise does Satan have waiting at the hospital?

REGULAR COVER - OCT151026 - $3.99

If you're planning to read this comic book, please pre-order it from your comic shop! Every order makes a difference. Here are our previous issues:

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Daniel and I had a great time working on this issue and slipping in a few tasty surprises. We hope you enjoy devouring them as much as we enjoying cooking them up!