Holy F*cked #2 - 5 page preview

Hungry for more preview pages from Holy F*cked? I hope so! I've got a doozy for you this month. Our second issue is available for pre-order in the August 2015 Previews catalog. As the issue opens, Jesus writes a letter to his daddy about some dinner guests...


from Action Lab: Danger Zone
by Nick Marino and Daniel Arruda Massa

We're serving up a piping hot pile of excitement as a mild-mannered dinner party turns deadly!

Jesus and Satan are hosting Maria and her new lover, Thanatos, over for an evening of camaraderie and conversation. But Thanatos isn't actually Thanatos... he's Hercules! And he wants to kill Jesus.

Plus... introducing the righteous might of The New Apostles!

REGULAR COVER - AUG150973 - $3.99

So there ya go. The cat is out of the bag. (Seriously though... who keeps cats in a bag? What cat-bagging asshole inspired that saying?!?)

Satan is pregnant. I know, I know... in our preview of Holy F*cked #1 I censored the revelation. But now I think it's time for the internet to know.

So, yeah, anywaaayyy... please tell your comic book retailer that you want Holy F*cked #2! And then get ready for late Oct / early Nov when the issue will be delivered to comic shops 'round the world.