Holy F*cked #1 - 5 page preview

It's been months since you had some, hasn't it? That sweet tasty F*ck. Well get ready to get F*cked every which way this fall! The first issue of our new book is in Diamond's July 2015 PREVIEWS catalog and I've got a special sneak peek for you right here:


from Action Lab: Danger Zone
by Nick Marino and Daniel Arruda Massa

After recklessly killing tons of gods in HOLY F*CK, Jesus and Satan are enjoying domestic bliss. And their best bud, Maria, is managing a local homeless shelter.

Sounds great, right? Not for Hercules! The "Muscles from Mt. Olympus" is pissed and he wants revenge.

Plus... what shocking news does Satan have for his macho messiah?

REGULAR COVER - JUL150900 - $3.99

If you were wondering, the answer is YES... our regular cover is Daniel Arruda Massa's delicious homage to Batman #1 by Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson.

Also, if you were wondering, the answer is YES... the revelation on the fifth page of our preview is so shockingly awesome that we had to make it TOP SECRET!

This issue is expected to arrive at comic shops in late Sept / early Oct. But it'll be on comiXology much sooner! *wink* 😉