Nik Furious: Sunday Best: Remix Da Bass

Years ago I had a music podcast called the Beatcast and I couldn't have stopped posting episodes at a worse time.

See, I was in the middle of something called Building Da Beat. The idea was to construct an instrumental song from the ground up and share each step of the process with the listeners.

First I posted the drums. Then I added bass. Then I added some guitar. Then I changed the guitar. Then I stopped posting new Beatcasts.

I didn't quit making the Beatcast because of Building Da Beat. If anything, it was a last gasp effort to rekindle my excitement for the Beatcast. Obviously, it didn't work.

Here's a close up of the Cort bass that I played on this track.

But something odd happened after I lost interest in Building Da Beat... I fell in love with a remixed version of Da Bass!!! Still unhappy with Da Guitar, I'd produced a stripped-down version that only featured electric guitar at the end of the track. This was the version I planned to use for Building Da Synth.

But the synth performance never happened in a timely manner. And so the unused version of the track sat around, waiting for some melody. But even without strong melodic components, I found myself listening to Da Bass all of the time.

Eventually Remix Da Bass became the foundation of Da Bounce, a synth-packed song included on my forthcoming album, 7 Star Sky Flash Kick. But to me, Remix Da Bass still stands on its own as a raw rhythmic jam with a lot of punch and progression.

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