Nik Furious: Da Bounce

On the latest episode of Naked Jews and Neo-Hippies podcast, Dustin said that you can find a copy of this song by Googling "nik furious da bounce"... well, sadly, that's not true. Because I've never posted the full song until now!

In fact, this completed version of Da Bounce has heretofore only been heard on earlier episodes of the Naked Jews podcast.

However, I did post some stages of this song's construction as a part of my abandoned Building Da Beat series on the AudioShocker. There's even a special scrapped version of the track with a ton of crunchy electric guitar on it.

This song will be included on my upcoming album 7 Star Sky Flash Kick. I'm only a few songs away from being done with that collection of tracks, so hopefully I'll release the full thing around the end of the year.

- Da Bounce on MySpace
- Da Bounce on PodOMatic