Pictures of my comics: a walking tour

Yesterday, I had to get some Stick Cats pages cut, and I decided to hunker down and fold them at the same place. Here's a serene shot of the folding in progress:

Later, on the way to my next destination, I passed by Pittsburgh's Stephen Foster statue... the same statue which is at the center of the plot of my Time Log comics. So I figured it'd be a great time for a photo op:

I left that copy of Time Log at the statue. I hope it's found a good home!

Then it was onto my final stop -- Phantom of the Attic Comics (Oakland) on Craig Street. I picked up some awesome comics (thx to Wayne for pulling those issues of Black Panther and Bill & Ted for me!). And I dropped off my newly packaged AudioShocker Comics Archives v1 digital comic cards (thx to Jimmy!):

I'll have all of these items and more at my upcoming appearances at STAPLE in Austin, TX on March 3-4 and the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair in Buffalo, NY on March 24.

And I'm sure I'll also have them in some form or another at SPX this Fall in Bethesda, MD (yes, I'm officially an exhibitor).

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