Self-published comics!

Over the next few weeks, I'm crafting a new "Comics" page here on Once completed, it'll list out just about everything you could ever want to know about all of the comics I've made throughout the years.

While it's under construction, this image is my placeholder on that page:

The picture was taken at the 2011 N.E. Geek Expo, which was a cozy affair that went down in early November in northeastern Ohio.

From left to right, you can see a ton of my self-published comics -- Time Log, Super Haters, Zombie Palin, Stick Cats (with the theme song!), as well as some other minicomics in the top left.

One Response to “Self-published comics!”

  1. [...] I started off by awarding sets of comics to fans who answered three questions correctly. But by Saturday afternoon, I ran out of sets! However, people still wanted to take the Trivia Challenge... so I started giving out my own self-published comics. [...]