Combination Animal - Duck Cat Horse

Last time, I explained how I ended up drawing three different combination animals for my three 500th Super Haters Twitter followers.

There isn't too much of a story behind this sketch -- when I thought my first 500th follower didn't reply to my sketch offer, I contacted a second person (who had literally become my new 500th follower... I assume someone unfollowed me).

And just like my previous 500th follower, Stafford Huyler sent me his request for a Duck Cat Horse as a direct message. And by the time I realized that, I'd already sent a tweet to a third person.

I found Stafford's request to be unique in that I was comfortable drawing all of the animals he wanted, but creating the combination was tricky!

FRIDAY: My third and final combination animal sketch!!!

Duck Cat Horse on Twitter
Duck Cat Horse on Tumblr
Duck Cat Horse on deviantART
Duck Cat Horse on Flickr

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  1. [...] I thought both my first and second 500th Twitter followers ignored my offer of a personalized sketch, I decided to contact a third [...]