Combination Animal - Monkey Bear

I made a mistake. See, for the Super Haters Twitter account, I like to offer special incentives for my milestone followers (300th, 400th, etc.). And for my 500th follower, I offered a free personalized sketch of a combination animal (for examples, see Napoleon Dynamite or Avatar: The Last Airbender).

Author David Corbet was my original 500th follower. So I tweeted him and asked him what he wanted for his sketch. And I waited. And waited.

I never saw a reply from him even though he was tweeting other stuff. So I figured he was ignoring me. And I decided to select another 500th follower for the prize.

But I failed to cover all my bases! See, I never expected David to send me a DM. However that's exactly what he did and I found it days later after I'd already offered the sketch to two other people.

So I decided to do the honorable thing and draw all three of the requests. Hence David's Monkey Bear that you see here.

WEDNESDAY: The combination animal requested by my 2nd 500th follower!!!

Monkey Bear on Twitter
Monkey Bear on Tumblr
Monkey Bear on deviantART
Monkey Bear on Flickr

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