Nik Furious videos - Silver Centurion and Sunday Best

NIK FURIOUS IS BACK! I've been laying low for the past few months, working hard on my comics and mostly ignoring my music.

But the drought is over! I've got two new music videos, one for an old beat and one for a new beat.

Let's get the old stuff out of the way first. Silver Centurion is smooth-house-meets-mellow-funk track off of the Superior Tech mixtape:

And Sunday Best is a brand new beat with an old school funk flavor:

For each of these beats, I created original digital paintings to accompany them. And I would be remiss if I didn't share those with you right now!!!

Here's the painting for Sunday Best, inspired by the sound of the song and light of the rising sun:

And here's the painting for Silver Centurion, inspired by both of its namesakes -- the song and the armor:

Thx for listening and hopefully I'll have more Furious for you soon.

2 Responses to “Nik Furious videos - Silver Centurion and Sunday Best”

  1. ross says:

    great stuff!
    i love the Silver Centurion painting, so funny how it pops up whenever the mellow part of the song plays, haha. this face staring at you.

  2. Nick Marino says:


    yeah, i guess i coulda put it on during the chorus instead. i just figured the verse/mellow part would be a good time to stare at it.