Nik Furious: Sunday Best: Sunday Best

The title track of the mixtape! Sunday Best is a mellow instrumental remix of the underground funk classic, Chance With You by Brother To Brother.

I was turned onto Chance With You by WEFUNK Radio, a weekly mix-show from Montreal. The DJs of WEFUNK produce incredible blends of soul, funk, hip hop, and jazz. Even better, they've been archiving their shows since 2001 and there are some real gems in there. I can't recommend WEFUNK enough.

I originally released Sunday Best as a YouTube video a little over two years ago. It was a spontaneous creation, something I made early one Sunday morning when I couldn't sleep.

The track was accompanied by an original digital painting that was my visual interpretation of the song.

As for the beat itself, I chopped up my favorite parts of Chance With You and looped them together into a version that I currently enjoy even more than the original. I hope you do too!