3 Chicks podcast theme... with rap!!!

It's not too often you hear a non-instrumental Nik Furious song... but that's exactly what you got here!!!

When Kelly Thompson contacted me about making an original track for her new podcast, 3 Chicks Review Comics, she expected an instrumental song like my other podcast themes (for the AudioShocker and Comic Book Pitt, natch).

I suggested the idea of shouting "3 Chicks" in there and she liked it. But when I came up with the idea of adding a verse to it, I decided to keep it secret and surprise Kelly with it when the song was complete. When it came time for the unveiling, Kelly dug the rap and told me she'd save the vocal version for special occasions.

And today just happens to be one of those occasions! 3 Chicks Review Comics Episode 005 [link coming later today!] was the right time to let the vocal version loose... and now I'm thrilled to be able to share this version of the theme with you.

If you like this 3 Chicks theme, check out my original instrumental album Brilliant Shower.

UPDATE: The full-length instrumental version of this song is available as Egg Shaker on my album 7 Star Sky Flash Kick.

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