Listen now: PonyGasm theme song sampler!

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

My friend Kaylie McDougal has created a surreal erotic comic book called PonyGasm and I recorded three PonyGasm theme songs:

This is a 3+ minute mix of the acoustic demo, the fuzzy electronic version, and the bathroom floor remix. You can also download or listen to the plain audio here:

Kaylie and I began discussing the possibility of a PonyGasm theme song late last October. For the next few weeks, I worked out a chord progression and basic melody on my acoustic guitar. I recorded an acoustic demo of the song to give Kaylie a feel for the rhythm and mood I had in mind.

While I was absolutely thrilled with the emotion and tone of the acoustic demo, Kaylie and I had agreed that the final theme should be in my signature Nik Furious electronic funk style. So I reserved a day in late November to record the PonyGasm theme and another song for a friend (sadly, the latter just didn't gel).

A few days later, I moved out of my Pittsburgh apartment and began my trek to California via Boca Raton, Florida and San Antonio, Texas. I diligently worked on the fuzzy, sensual mix of the full PonyGasm theme song. About a week after that, I sent Kaylie a finished version of the track.

But I'd poured so much passion into the two PonyGasm themes that I just couldn't get the song out of my system! The bathroom floor remix was recorded in the family room of my girlfriend's family home using an old school Yahmaha keyboard...

...and the beat up electric guitar in the corner of the room near the TV. I'd wanted to play it for years, and recording this raw version of PonyGasm seemed like the perfect opportunity to take it for a ride. I plugged it into my mini mixer and created some overdrive by cranking the guitar volume and mixer inputs up to 10.

And that's how the PonyGasm themes were born!! Personally, I've poured a lot of myself into them and I'm really proud of the mood and emotion of the songs. I hope you dig 'em too 😀

Currently, the only way you can get your grubby little mitts on the full mp3 versions of these three PonyGasm themes is by pre-ordering the PonyGasm comic through Indiegogo. So go order a copy now!!!

UPDATE: Kaylie ran into some problems with the raciness of her PonyGasm Indiegogo campaign and it was taken down. TOO HOT FOR CROWDFUNDING!!! Right now, she's thinking about dropping the project entirely. Personally, I hope she changes her mind and posts the comic online. But only time will tell...

UPDATE 2: The PonyGasm comic is for sale on Etsy. As for the theme songs, well... I dunno yet!! I'll drop another update soon.

UPDATE 3: The first two tracks from this sampler made it onto my second album, 7 Star Sky Flash Kick. The "PonyGasm acoustic demo" is now called Sultry Storm and the "PonyGasm theme song" is now called Smells Like Cupcakes.

UPDATE 4: The third and final song I composed for PonyGasm can be heard on the Nik Furious mixtape, Smart Bomb.