KUTE Crew: Welcome Aboard!

My new comic is launching soon! It's called KUTE Crew and it follows the adventures of the Koala Underwater Tactical Elite as they scoot around the sea and take on different sects of the sinister Squid Squad. Here's the cover featuring astounding art by co-creator Nils-Petter Norlin and a logo by yours truly...

Starting August 4th, our weekly webcomic will update every Tuesday at 9 AM PT. And you can subscribe to KUTE Crew on Webtoon now!

Here's our official announcement by Wendy Browne from the 2020 Eisner Award winner for Best Comics-Related Periodical/Journalism, Women Write About Comics...
- [Exclusive] Get Ready for the KUTE Crew!

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Nils and I have been secretly toiling on this tale for over four years, finishing up The Evil Life as we began to outline outrageous exploits for our fuzzy fighters.

Each episode on Webtoon is actually 2-3 pages of our traditional comic book layout that I'm cutting up into individual panels. Our entire story is built out of 10-page chapters, so a new one will begin on Webtoon every month or so.

Once a chapter of KUTE Crew is complete, I'll upload a hi-res digital comic of it to Gumroad. I'll also offer self-published minicomics of each chapter that are printed and assembled right here at home.

This comic is a true labor of love for us, a story full of our big ideas and crazy dreams. I'm thrilled to continue my collaboration with Nils-Petter Norlin, who's bringing so much brilliance and amazing visualization to KUTE Crew.

I hope you'll subscribe on Webtoon and come aboard now so you can be ready when we set sail. It's gonna be wet and wild!

The Evil Life: Finding Evil, Chapter 12

Blarf was playing golf with his Knight Corp co-workers at the country club, and it just so happens that Hester was napping under the very same golf course. Now, if that wasn't weird enough, there's been a massive explosion back at the club house.

Tap any panel to open the webcomic in fullscreen, and then click or swipe through the entire chapter. (Oh, and you can read us on Webtoon too!)

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Congrats, you finished The Evil Life! We hope you enjoyed watching these three misfits find themselves, find a home, and find friendship. Although their story is over, Nils and I have a lot more in store for you...

Next Tuesday (Wednesday! I need an extra day), check back here for a final episode of our Making Evil podcast. Nils and I will recap the final chapters of The Evil Life, do a post-mortem on the whole story, tease our next comic (more on that in a sec), and maybe even discuss another fictional ending that's become infamous since it dropped last year. I'll also have a PDF of Finding Evil for you to download.

And then in two weeks, Nils and I will embark on an outrageous aquatic adventure and we want to have you aboard. Head to Webtoon and subscribe now to KUTE Crew so you'll be ready when our new weekly comic launches on August 4, 2020. The Eisner-nominated Women Write About Comics has our exclusive KUTE Crew announcement, so head there too and get more details! To whet your appetite, here's a teaser...

Pretty rad, right?! Anyway, I think that's all for now. Thanks for following the tale of Hester, Gloom, and Blarf. We appreciate you so much and can't wait to take you on more adventures with our new characters.

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The Evil Life: Finding Evil, Chapter 11

Gloom's mind control restaurant was a flop, but the work experience got Blarf a new job. That job, however, was with Hester's sworn enemy, the Knight Corporation! Outraged, Hester left home and stole a truck of Knight Corp's nuclear waste.

Tap any panel to open the webcomic in fullscreen, and then click or swipe through the entire chapter. (Oh, and you can read us on Webtoon too!)

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The Evil Life is going out with a bang... literally! So what was that explosion? In two weeks, we'll be back here on the golf course for a final installment of our webcomic and an answer to that question.

What shocking revelations will be revelated? What astounding astoundinations will be astoundened? Don't miss the conclusion of Hester, Blarf, and that other guy's story in only a fortnight, when Nils-Petter Norlin and I will wrap up this epic saga of slacker supervillains and also announce our next thrilling webcomic!!

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