The Evil Life: Finding Evil, Chapter 11

Gloom's mind control restaurant was a flop, but the work experience got Blarf a new job. That job, however, was with Hester's sworn enemy, the Knight Corporation! Outraged, Hester left home and stole a truck of Knight Corp's nuclear waste.

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The Evil Life is going out with a bang... literally! So what was that explosion? In two weeks, we'll be back here on the golf course for a final installment of our webcomic and an answer to that question.

What shocking revelations will be revelated? What astounding astoundinations will be astoundened? Don't miss the conclusion of Hester, Blarf, and that other guy's story in only a fortnight, when Nils-Petter Norlin and I will wrap up this epic saga of slacker supervillains and also announce our next thrilling webcomic!!

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