The Evil Life: Finding Evil, Chapter 2

Now that we've caught up with Hester, let's check in on Blarf -- our sweet immigrant from across the cosmos -- and see how things are going down on the farm.

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Blarf, buddy... your luck sucks! I mean, this poor alien is just constantly getting tortured by us throughout this webcomic and I feel kinda bad for him. Nils and I really do like Blarf, I swear! We think that big hunk o' green is swell. But at the same time we also enjoy taking Blarf on one hell of a journey.

I have no idea what else to write but I feel obligated to say more so I'll just tell you what I'm doing. I'm watching Cheers with Rosie, wrapped up under the blankets in our bed like the old folks in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. She's moved to the kitchen now, searching for some cookies to eat with the hot cocoa she's about to make.

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And then... in only two short weeks... WORLDS COLLIDE!

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