Unlocking the Secrets of the Mysterious Holy F*cked TPB Cover

The new November 2015 Previews catalog contains a delicious delight... a tasty morsel packed full of powerful story, potent action, passionate romance, and jovial jokes that'll make you piss your proverbial pants!


from Action Lab: Danger Zone
by Nick Marino and Daniel Arruda Massa

Jesus, Satan, and Maria were living happily ever after until a psychotic Hercules tried to murder the messiah!

Now Maria must get Satan to the hospital on time and unite the righteous might of the New Apostles to stop Herc before he can slaughter Jesus.

Collecting the maniacal mayhem of HOLY F*CKED #1-4.

NOV150990 - $14.99

Nice cover, right? Well, you might be surprised to know that it's more than just a beautiful illustration and impeccably designed graphic image.

While this cover is undoubtedly both of those and will certainly win countless awards for Best Comic Book Collection Cover Ever, Most Impressive Leaky Satan, and Awesomest New Bible Thingy... there's more going on here than you may realize.

Take a closer look at Hercules's ear, for example.

We snuck a little Ear-ster egg in there! That's right, you're looking at yours truly. I'm living comfortably inside the auditory canal of our story's antagonist.

And now take a peek at Mother 2resa. What's she holding?

Why it's the Illuminati's infamous Tiny Book of Secrets featuring the Eye of Providence! Daniel and I are secret members of the Illuminati and we knew that this final F*cked up cover needed some solid Illuminati imagery. The eye sees all, y'all!

Finally, let's unlock our most hidden secret.

No, you're not going nuts. Satan's sultry visage has been replaced with the face of artist Daniel Arruda Massa! Damn, what a handsome devil.

Though these hidden details will be lost on most readers, you're now a member of an elite group. You know the truth behind the secrets on the Holy F*cked TPB cover!

Please share this information carefully, only with those you truly trust. And don't forget to tell your comic book retailer that you want a copy of this crazy book!

2 Responses to “Unlocking the Secrets of the Mysterious Holy F*cked TPB Cover”

  1. Randy Toska says:

    YOU WILL make more HOLY F*CK comics or I will be forced to tell the world that you n D.A.M. are secret illuminati. Don't make me cause I will.Iam a bad ass you don't want to mess with me,just this morning alone I ripped the tag off 2 kitchen chairs,3 pillows,and jaywalked.

    • Nick Marino says:

      WHOOOOAAAAA okay if you're tearin' the tags off of pillows now, then i better not fuck with you. YOU'RE A GODDAMN LOOSE CANNON THAT'S CAPABLE OF ANYTHING! I guess we gotta make more HF comics...