Arline wants to show me her nightie

Sometimes getting emails meant for another Nick Marino can be a nuisance. But then other times, like this time, it can be a complete joy.

Arline (whose name has been changed and face has been erased) contacted me shortly before Valentine's Day.

I thought for sure that she'd pick up on my true identity almost immediately. But instead she basically willed herself into believing I was her Nick Marino for over a week.

I've decided to stop my email exchange with Arline and just let things go out on a high note. I don't think I'll ever be able to top this one.

2 Responses to “Arline wants to show me her nightie”

  1. Deniz says:

    And with this, you have once again solidified your reign as Greatest Human for at least another year.

    Weird, I'm wearing that nightie *right now*. AND that Canadian $1! Small world.

    • Nick Marino says:

      omg what a crazy coincidence! i'm wearing a canadian $1 right now too!!!