my Sloth Punch Club pitch

Last month a guy named Matt Bull launched a contest. To enter, you had to email Matt your compelling pitch for a website with a truly unusual URL. And then the winner would receive the odd domain name --

I couldn't resist!!! I dropped everything and put together my pitch for Sloth Punch Club right away. Here's what I sent to Matt:


Like its namesake, my blog would take a three-toed approach to content -- comics, music, and podcasts. I'd put the SPC blog on a slow-but-steady three week cycle (just to keep things extra slothy).

Week 1: Webcomics

The Sloth Punch Club webcomic would tell the story of Larry and Bernice, siblings out to avenge the death of their brother, Roy, who was killed on the rodeo clown kickboxing circuit by a malicious leaf-eater named Fast Susan. I've attached the first page.

Week 2: Music

Under the name Nik Furious I'd release a new song every three weeks. The music would pair thematically with the previous week's webcomic. I've attached the first song, Super Sloth Slap.

Week 3: Podcasts

Each podcast would begin with a recap of the art from Weeks 1 and 2. I'd also have a segment on every episode called Sloth Death Match, pitting two pieces of art against each other.

For example, it could be Dumb and Dumber vs. The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay. Then, on the next podcast, the winner would go up against the White Album by the Beatles. And so on. I'd use listener suggestions to create the media match ups.

Sooooooooo... did I win?

NOOOOO!! That's why I'm here telling you about my pitch and not announcing the launch of my Sloth Punch Club blog.

But I really enjoyed putting this pitch together. I've spent a lot of time pitching ideas this year (see The Demon From My Butt) and it was nice to know that Matt was receptive to my idea even if I wasn't ultimately the winner.

Best of luck to Timmy Ham, the official winner and soon-to-be owner of I hope his custom shoes featuring original art of sloths punching stuff are a big hit!

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