Mr. Magnifico Unchained trailer music by Nik Furious

On Monday, I'm debuting my new Super Haters collaboration with Jared Catherine, creator of Incrediman Comix. It's called Mr. Magnifico Unchained. The most powerful hero in the Super Haters universe has gone nuts, and only Mind's Eye and Destruct-O-Tron can stop him!

Like my past two Super Haters story arcs, I made a trailer for Mr. Magnifico Unchained featuring music by my melodic alter ego, Nik Furious:

Here's an mp3 of the Mr. Magnifico Unchained trailer music:

The songs used in my previous trailers had rich, involved histories with complicated evolutions. Sadly, that's not the case with this tune. The history of this trailer music is short and simple!

Since the trailer begins with a parody of the upcoming Superman Unchained series by Scott Snyder and Jim Lee, I thought it would be fitting to use a bit of the Theme From Superman by John Williams. I played the opening riff on my microKORG.

Then a I used a few noises from Freesound and spliced in the beginning of Destruct-O-Groove. I made Destruct-O-Groove last month to coincide with the debut of the free Super Haters eBooks. I split the song into four parts. You can download each section by visiting the webpage for the corresponding volume of Super Haters.

Mr. Magnifico Unchained a.k.a. Jared Catherine Guest Week begins on Monday, March 25, 2013 at See ya there!