Manga Haters trailer music by Nik Furious

There's a new Super Haters story kicking off on Monday, written by me and featuring fantastic art from Brandon Williams of Dedford Tales.

I made a trailer for our short story, using my Nik Furious music to set the mood:

Here's an mp3 of the Manga Haters trailer music:

This song has an interesting history. It was originally written and recorded in a few hours one afternoon in January 2012. Inspired by the capabilities of my new fretless bass and my excitement for the relaunch of the Glory comic book, I made an impromptu Glory theme song. You can listen to it here.

I emailed the track to artist Sophie Campbell. Sophie dug the song and shared it with writer Joe Keatinge, but that was it. I didn't do anything else with it until last November, when writer Kelly Thompson contacted me about putting together some music for a book trailer about her novel, The Girl Who Would Be King.

I spent a lot of my November working on songs for both Kelly and Kaylie McDougal's PonyGasm project. And while Kaylie's theme song materialized according to my vision, the guitar riff I'd spent hours writing just didn't gel when it came time to record the song for Kelly. So I decided to remix my Glory track into a theme for The Girl Who Would Be King trailer. You can listen to that here.

Unfortunately, the song didn't capture the sound Kelly wanted and she used different music for her final trailer. But when the time came to make an exciting theme for my Manga Haters story, I knew I wanted to rework the remix into a shorter, tighter blast of energetic music that would accentuate the awesome action in Brandon's art. And the Manga Haters trailer theme was born!

UPDATE: That unused remix I did for Kelly? It's gonna get used. More news soon!

UPDATE 2: An extended, remixed version of this song is available on the Super Wet EP as the track called Brave.

2 Responses to “Manga Haters trailer music by Nik Furious”

  1. kelly says:

    This turned out great! I'm really happy to see that all that work you did for me didn't go to waste - perfect fit!

    • Nick Marino says:

      Thx Kelly!!! I'm still bummed that I couldn't capture the sound you were looking for, but I'm happy that I was able to make something else out of it 😀