Nik Furious: Brilliant Shower

Enter the instrumental. Brilliant Shower is a 13-track trip through the conscious and subconscious minds of Nik Furious. The music is dipped in electronic funk and lightly dusted with rock, surf, jazz, and experimental sounds.

This album was recorded in Pittsburgh, Brooklyn, and Paoli, PA over the course of 5 years from 2004-2009. I intended for most of the songs to become hip hop beats, but they ended up being too complicated or unorthodox to comfortably sit in the back.

You can download the full MP3 album for free as a ZIP file (right click to save):

You can also learn more about the creation of each song through my series of detailed blog posts about the writing, recording, and editing of Brilliant Shower:
Nik Furious - Brilliant Shower
01. After the Wink
02. Bacon
03. Essential
04. In Vert Head
05. Invisible
06. Purple Suite
07. RAW
08. Remix the Phoenix
09. Speechless
10. Street Drums
11. Summers
12. Uncanny
13. Wallcrawler

The album cover was patiently designed by Shawn Atkins. And this music was made better by the support of Justique Woolridge, Ed Marino, Josh Kobylarz, Neal Shyam, Scott Niekum, and everybody else who generously gave me feedback throughout the entire creation process.