Super Haters digital comic card

In my opinion, the digital format is where the Super Haters thrive. Digital is how new Super Haters comics are produced every week. It's where the colors pop just right and where I get to try out storytelling tricks that don't work the same way in print.

That's why I'm thrilled to bring you this new digital comic card (DCC) packed full of Super Haters stories and extras. Debuting at SPX 2012, this is the ultimate way to own the digital adventures of Destruct-O-Tron and Mind's Eye.

Here's what you get on this DCC (last updated 02.09.13):
- Super Haters v1 eBook (72 pages, PDF)
- Super Haters v2 eBook (82 pages, PDF)
- Super Haters v3 eBook (78 pages, PDF)
- Super Haters v4 eBook (80 pages, PDF)
- Super Haters Guest Artists v1 eBook (32 pages, PDF)
- Super Haters extras v1 art book (26 pages, PDF)
- Exclusive DCC audio commentary (MP3)

And here's what'll be added to this DCC soon:
- Super Haters Guest Artists v2 eBook (TBD)

Currently, this DCC can be redeemed at by entering the unique download code found on the back of the card. If you're interested in owning your own Super Haters DCC, email me for details.