Stick Cats digital comic card

Marmalade and Steve are on a quest to take down the Octo-Kitty, a dangerous hydra-like creature with eight adorable kitten heads. Stick Cats comics and songs chronicle their wild lo-fi adventure, taking you from the shores of Bengal Beach to the desolate Litterbox Desert and beyond.

This digital comic card (DCC) is the most awesomest and super-bestest way to own the digital saga of the Stick Cats! It's a multimedia roundhouse to the face, featuring sequential stories and stellar sonics that'll knock you on your booty.

Here's what you get on this DCC (last updated 02.09.13):
- Stick Cats #1 - Act I eBook (22 pages, PDF)
- Stick Cats #2 - Act III eBook (25 pages, PDF)
- Stick Cats #3 - Act 0 eBook (6 pages, PDF)
- Exclusive DCC audio commentary (MP3)
- The Nine Lives LP by Nik Furious (9 original songs, MP3)

And here's what'll be added to this DCC soon:
- Stick Cats #4 - Act II eBook (TBD)

Currently, this DCC can be redeemed at by entering the unique download code found on the back of the card. If you're interested in owning your own Stick Cats DCC, email me for details.