Spider-Man vs. Xandu

"Spider-Man is mysteriously whisked away to the Xandu Dimension, where the evil wizard tasks him with procuring the Wand of Watoomb... which is just a wrench that Xandu uses to steal cable."

Lo-fi and low brow, this short Spider-Man parody video [DEAD LINK, SORRY!] was filmed on Beeler Street (near Carnegie Mellon University) in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh in the summer of 2005. It was the first video I ever posted to YouTube. It was also the first video I ever had removed from YouTube because of the boobies.

Here are some stills:

Along with editing this video, I starred as the mugger, Xandu, and Mary Jane. Xandu was a lot of fun because I got to wrap myself up in towels and wear a shaving cream beard. Like I said before, this video is very stupid.

My friend (who shall remain nameless unless he chooses to reveal himself) played Spider-Man. He also sang on the theme song I recorded as Nik Furious:

I posted the "Spider-Man vs. Xandu" theme years ago on the AudioShocker. You can download the song here.

UPDATE Oct 24, 2020: I re-uploaded the Spider-Man Vs. Xandu theme song! You can download it here. Maybe I'll re-upload the video somewhere someday...

UPDATE Oct 14, 2013: Blip, the video service I use to host Spider-Man vs. Xandu, has emailed me to let me know that they're deleting my videos next month. So I need to find another way to share this video with you!

UPDATE Nov 5, 2012: You can learn more about the creation of this song and listen to the instrumental version here.

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