The Nine Lives LP

One of my most popular products of the past few months is a bundle featuring Stick Cats #1-2 and a CD of the Stick Cats theme song.

Up until now, I've just tossed a few more random Nik Furious songs onto the CD, switching out tracks whenever I burned a new batch.

But those days are over! Now each Stick Cats bundle will come with an official homemade copy of The Nine Lives LP:

The tracklist for The Nine Lives LP is:

1. Stick Cats (vocal version)
2. Fresh Frunk
3. Remix the Phoenix
4. Purple Suite
5. Da Bounce
6. RAW
7. In Vert Head
8. Speechless
9. Stick Cats (instrumental)

In total, it's over 45 minutes of music ranging from funk to electronic to rock to experimental. Also, I submitted the CD's tracklist to the Gracenote database, which means your computer will recognize the track names when you play the album.

I'll have copies of it next weekend at the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair, and soon you'll be able to buy a physical copy of the disc from me over the internet.