Listen to Nik Furious talk album openers on KZSU 90.1 FM

I was on Facebook yesterday, doing my usual social media thing when I noticed something unusual -- my friend (who I'll refer to as "Dr. Wormwood," her radio alias) has a new radio show... and it was broadcasting live at that very moment!

KZSU radio

She was hosting a program called Modern Donkey on 90.1 FM KZSU Stanford. If you live in the Bay Area, then it's on your dial. Otherwise, you can listen live online.

Anyway, the theme for Dr. Wormwood's radio show was album openers, and she was asking people to send their feedback. So I recorded a quick mp3 of my thoughts on opening tracks. And as I was prepping to email it, I remembered something -- I'd just posted an album opener of my own on Tuesday!

So I attached my thoughts on openers and my own opener, After the Wink, to the email. Less than one hour hour later, I heard this on the KZSU live stream:

Thanks, Dr. Wormwood!!! You're the best!

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the entire Modern Donkey radio show yesterday, and I highly recommend that you listen too. It airs every Wednesday from 9AM-12PM PST on KZSU. Here's that link again!

2 Responses to “Listen to Nik Furious talk album openers on KZSU 90.1 FM”

  1. Mikki says:

    very cool- loved Nik's comments and the tune- get um back on doc...

  2. Nick Marino says: