NYCC 2011 Recap

New York Comic Con 2011 was a ton of fun. I tabled in the Podcast Arena as the AudioShocker, but I also took advantage of the opportunity to display a full spread of my self-published comics.

Considering my sales are typically very modest, I had a great showing. I sold out of Zombie Palin, as well as Stick Cats Act I and Act III. Also, thx to the AudioShocker Trivia Challenge, I got rid of a ton of other comics.

I had the chance to talk to lots of other indie creators, podcasters, and media producers. I learned a lot from these talks -- not just from the words exchanged, but from tracking trends in the topics we covered.

But my favorite part was experiencing the vest enthusiasm that fans had at the show. I caught some of this in the process of the Trivia Challenge, and that was great. I caught even more in the process of casual conversation.

For example, on Saturday I met a guy who recounted some of his favorite Wonder Woman moments. His passion for the topic and the way he described the comics kept me captivated for what felt like hours. I could have listened to him for the entire day.

Being a passionate person myself, I appreciate similar passion in others. Whether it's passion for comics knowledge, characters, stories, or the medium, I find it all very gratifying. That made NYCC a great way to spend a long weekend, if you ask me.

Would I table at NYCC again? HELL YES with one condition -- a reasonable table price. None of that $400 stuff. That's too much. And I'd also make sure to print up 300 or so free minicomics to give away to attendees (maybe even more).

I'll be doing podcast recaps of NYCC on the AudioShocker over the next couple of weeks, so keep a watch on that site for more about my NYCC 2011 experience.

EDIT: Here's my first podcast recap of NYCC.

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