Stick Cats Pin Up

This Stick Cats pin up was originally drawn (and I know this is gonna sound ridiculous, so bear with me) as a mural for the indie book store experiment, Fleeting Pages.

See, the book store was occupying the space of a closed down Borders. And the former Borders was so big that Fleeting Pages could only fill up the second floor with books. That meant there was a giant first floor that was sitting around empty!

Jodi, the creator and manager of Fleeting Pages, put out a request for black and white art that could be printed out on a large scale and turned into an installation sort of thing. Not a mural exactly, but I don't really know a better word for it.

To be more specific, it wasn't as simple as being printed out and taped up -- Jodi wanted the image to be something with multiple planes because she has a unique process for turning a single image into a three-dimensional display. So I took an hour or so and dreamed up this Stick Cats scene with a foreground, midground, and background (obviously there's no background here in this pin up... that's because I think the action looks better without it!).

Honestly, I never quite understood the process she was planning to use. I'm a cartoonist that makes 2D digital images. Jodi knows all about about mixing art and spaces, but explaining the technical aspects of preparing my digital art for her 3D display was tough. So the mural/installation/3D display was never printed.

But that's all good because I'm psyched to share this moody Stick Cats action scene with you, mural or not!

2 Responses to “Stick Cats Pin Up”

  1. ross says:

    octo-kitty is fucked. i feel like he should be at least twice this size, though.

  2. Nick Marino says:

    Don't let the Octo-Kitty fool you -- it's a vicious beast. Marmalade's the one that's fucked!!!

    Yeah, I guess it looks a little small. But it's not really that big in my mind. I mean, it's just another cat, only with eight (now seven) heads.